Technology for Future Physiotherapy

Using accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors for enhanced physiotherapy treatment to embrace the utility of healthcare mobile application development. Plenty of innovations are revolutionizing electronic and mobile healthcare with the involvement of doctors and patients. In the present world scenario, the modern healthcare system works significantly to extend its’ capabilities for the physiological monitoring devices. One such innovation of 21st century is the availability of wearable devices. Moreover, two of the… Read Article →

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How to Record and Save Online Video Streams To Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Streaming videos can be extremely useful most of the time, and it will give you access to a whole world of content when you’re online. However if you want to save one of those videos and watch it later on then you’ll run into problems as most streaming platforms don’t give you the option to do so. As a result, you will have to be online each and every time… Read Article →

desk booking software

Choosing Desk Booking Software – What to Look For

Desk booking software has made a serious contribution to how businesses can effectively manage their resources and provided additional flexibility for resource managers in terms of optimising the use of resources at their disposal. When it comes to selecting the right Desk Booking Software for your business – there are a whole host of features which many such systems provide; some may be essential for your business and others may… Read Article →

Venue Management

The Top Features to Consider when Selecting Software for Effective Venue Management

Without a doubt, there are plenty of systems you can take advantage of when it comes to proper venue management. Software encompasses a whole range of features and tools that will make your life as a venue manager a lot easier – from digitised diaries and calendars to streamlined and easily accessible billing and financial reports, software systems today have a lot to offer indeed. But amongst all these features,… Read Article →


How New Ecommerce CRM Solutions Help You Modernize Your Company Fast

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) products, a lot of people are unfamiliar with how this type of software works. They think that it is something unnecessary that only major companies can use. The reality is that new ecommerce CRM solutions are extremely handy for companies of all sizes and from different types of industries. There is no industry that cannot benefit from the streamlined way that CRM… Read Article →

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5 of the Most Common eCommerce Design Mistakes

Every smart marketer is aware that an excellent eCommerce design is indispensable if the website stands any chance of achieving success. Good designs ensure that customers feel extremely comfortable when it comes to navigating around the website. What’s more, it effortlessly draws customers to the inner pages, generally through wise usage of subtle colour schemes and well-drafted sales copies. Not every marketer knows the finer nuances of such designs, resulting… Read Article →

seo ranking

How To Increase Your Online Marketing – Secret Tips To Expand Your Traffic

Online marketing is quite arguably the most effective tool that you have as a business for expansion and growth. If you aren’t growing, then you are shrinking. These are the ten things that will increase your online traffic and, in turn, your profitability. Social media An ever-changing and expanding medium, make sure always to be on top of social media sites. What is in one day will be out the… Read Article →

Using google docs without an internet connection on android

Did you know Google Docs allows us to work without Internet connection? Why not wise that we can edit your documents offline and can synchronize once we become connected? Well yes sir we can work with Google Docs without an Internet connection. Today Fandroides we will show you how to enable Google Docs for offline operation, the process we also work in implementing Spreadsheets and Presentations as well as older… Read Article →

Become the best investor of bag with this application

Today we bring you a simulation game but with a very different environment that we see. This game will take us through a fictional world of the stock market and will test our intelligence. Invest and put your ability to approve the stock market Best Brokers is an innovative application simulation. This application recreates a fictional world of the stock market where the peculiarity is that the stock is updated… Read Article →

Internet of Things and new evasion techniques, major threats to 2016

Internet of Things and new evasion techniques, major threats to 2016

With 2016 just around the corner, and Fortinet threat research division, FortiGuard Labs, presented as every year his predictions on what trend is expected to be in terms of malware and network security. As predicted in previous years, the Internet of Things (Lot, for its acronym in English) and cloud play an important role in these predictions, but an increase in new malicious tactics and strategies that establish a challenge… Read Article →